This is a tentative schedule of events for the 2014 WYVMA Summer Meeting. 30 minute breaks at 10am and 3pm everyday. **Updated 4/22/14

Sunday, June 22th, 2014 Sponsor Topic Speaker
1pm - 5pm   Exhibitor set up  
6pm   Opening Reception w/ Exhibitors  
7pm   Board of Directors Meeting / Members Welcome  
Monday, June 23th, 2014        
7:30am   Buffet Breakfast with exhibitors  
Noon   Lunch with exhibitors / Membership Meeting  
Large Animal
  -Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex-A Review of hte Pathogens, Old Bugs and New Bugs, Using Diagnostics to get a Handle on Things
-Clostridial Enteritis
-Clostridium perfingens Update
-Autogenous Biologics: Fact & Fiction
Dr. Randy Shirbroun
Small Animal
-Updates in Clinical Gastroenterology for Dogs and Cats Todd Tams, DVM
Large Animal
-Superior Data-The value of calf health
-Vaccine Strategies for Calf Health
-New Pinkeye Challenges
-Nutrition Tools for Veterinarians
Dr. Kevin Hill
Dr. Bill Burdett
Small Animal
-The "Ins and Outs" of Periodontal Disease
-Introduction to Dental Radiography
-Oral Surgery or "I can't get this tooth out!"
Roxane MacLellan, DVM
Steak Fry - Sponsored by MWI Veterinary Supply and Boehringer Ingelheim  
Tuesday, June 24th, 2014      
7:30am   Buffet Breakfast with exhibitors  
Noon   Lunch with exhibitors / Live Auction  
Large Animal
Injectable Trace Minerals in Beef Cattle Dr. Robert Gentry
Small Animal
-Anesthesiology Racheed Mama, DVM
Large Animal
  -EHV - 1 Neurologic - Brucelosis - Trichomoniasis - ADT Rule (traceability and livestock ID) - VS - Rabies and more Dr. Jim Logan
Dr. Karl Musgrave
Dr. Mike McDole
Small Animal

-Successful Diagnosis of Canine Cutaneous Adverse Food Reaction and Atopic Dermatitis
-New Treatment Options for Canine Atopic Dermatitis
-New Challenges in Staphylococcal Pyoderma
Jennifer Schissler Pendergraft, DVM
    Tom Davidson
Wednesday June 25th, 2014      
8am-Noon   CAT II Accreditation
-Module 8: International Movement of Horses
-Module 20: Slaughter Horse Transplant
Barbara Kizer, DVM
1pm-5pm   TRICH Certification Dr. Bob Meyer
Dr Jim Logan