Member Clinics

To locate member clinics listed by city, please click the first letter of the city you wish to access below.  Only veterinary clinics that are current members of the WVMA are listed. This list is in no way an endorsement or recommendation of any one clinic.  

(Member veterinarians: If your clinic is not listed you may have registered as a member under your name only, please contact us to provide clinic information.) 

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Veterinary Clinics Listed by City

City   Clinic Name Phone #


  (all numbers have #307 area code unless specified)
Afton Erickson Veterinary Service 885-4838
Star Valley Animal Care 885-5572
Alpine Alpine Veterinary Clinic PC 654-9990


Basin Graham Veterinary Service 568-2967
Saam Vet Clinic 568-9305
Big Horn Paul Wollenman 672-7799
Big Piney Western Veterinary Service 276-5444
Boulder Boulder Veterinary Hospital 537-5256
Buffalo Big Horn Veterinary Hospital 684-5310
  Buffalo Veterinary Clinic 684-2851
  Rhodes Veterinary 684-7958


Casper All Creatures Veterinary Hospital  235-2884
  Altitude Veterinary Hospital 234-7333 
Animal Hospital of Casper 266-1660
Ark Animal Hospital 234-1260
Best Friends Animal Health Center 235-4889
  Casper Animal Medical Center 237-8387
  Central Wy Equine Med & Surg. Ctr. 266-1666
  Westside Animal Hospital 265-3115
Cheyenne Avenues Pet Clinic 778-3007
Bi-State Large Veterinary Hospital 637-5335
  Broadmoor East Veterinary Clinic 634-2912
Cheyenne Pet Clinic 635-4121
  Cheyenne Veterinary House Calls LLC 638-2513
  Emerich Vet Services 634-8783
  Frontier Veterinary Clinic 634-7255
  Geesey Veterinary Services, Inc 421-4432
  Swanson Veterinary Services 631-2491
  Tri-state Veterinary Clinic 632-5531
  USDA Veterinary Services 432-7960
Wyoming Dept. of Health 777-7735/ 5825
Wyoming Livestock Board 777-6443
Yellowstone Animal Hospital 632-3795
Gene Bengston, DVM 632-1791
Steven Chase, DVM 432-7836
Linda Diehl, DVM 287-0791
Cody A. Lynne Chadwick 527-7213
  Robert Friedman 250-1160
Advanced Vet Care Center 527-6628
Animal Care Clinic 587-3151
  Cody Animal Health  587-2631
  Cody Large Animal, LLC 527-6968
  Lifetime Small Animal Hospital 587-4323
Stamina Plus 527-7036


Daniel Glenn R. Millard 859-8636
Federal Veterinarian 859-8508
Douglas James D. Baker 358-9604
Cross Animal Hospital 358-6631
Riverbend Veterinary Hospital 358-4910
  Smylie Animal Clinic 358-3231
Dubois East Fork Veterinary Services 455-2538


Encampment Healing Springs Vet Clinic 329-5103
Evanston Bear River Veterinary Clinic 789-5230
MJB Animal Clinic 789-4289
All Creatures Veterinary Hospital 235-2884
Evansville Mobile Veterinary Hospital 472-6911


Fort Bridger Uinta Veterinary Hospital 782-6566


Gillette John Christensen 939-1361
Harold Edwards 682-5981
Animal Medical Center of Wy. 682-1507
Camelot Pet Castle 682-2001
  Thunder Basin Veterinary Clinic 687-0336
Glendo Doreangi Veterinary Clinic 351-2238
Glenrock Central Wyoming Veterinary Services 436-8313
Green River Animal Clinic of Green River 875-9827
Castle Rock Veterinary Center 875-7188
Greybull Greybull Animal Hospital 765-9294
Shell Valley Veterinary Service 765-9294
Guernsey Rick Lawrence 836-3028


Jackson Animal Care Clinic of Jackson 733-5590
Griggs Veterinary Services 690-1892
Home Health for Pets 690-3777
  Spring Creek Animal Hospital 733-1606
Teton Veterinary Clinic 733-2633
  Kathy C. Lucas 739-1527
Kaley Parent-Geittmann, DVM 732-2306


Kaycee   Powder River Veterinary Clinic 738-2413
Kemmerer Mountainaire Animal Clinic 386-2309


Lander Alpine Mobile Vet 332-7838
  Lander Valley Animal Hospital 332-3975
  Lander Veterinary Clinic 332-2228
Wind River Veterinary Service 332-5512
  Lewis M Graves  438-0319
Laramie Animal Health Center 745-6381
College of Agriculture/Dean Office 766-4133
  GEM City Veterinary Service 755-5469
  Snowy Range Veterinary Clinic 742-6052
  USDA, ARS, ABADRL 742-2926
WSVL/ WY. St. Veterinary Lab 741-6638
  Wyoming Game & Fish Vet Lab 742-6681 EXT. 171
Heather Larson, DVM 742-6505
Russell Wambeam 742-5590
  Charles Stith, DVM, PHD 742-4268
Lingle Equine Medical Services 837-2822
Lusk Steven Cummings 334-2043
  Silver Cliff Veterinary Clinic 334-2361


Meeteetse Gould Veterinary Clinic 868-2440
Mervin Larsen 868-9243
Nar Nunn Popish Veterinary Clinic 234-7333


Newcastle Salt Creek Veterinary Clinic 746-4995


Pine Bluffs Bluffs Veterinary Clinic 245-9263
Pinedale Vernon Aultman 367-2686
Animal Clinic of Pinedale 367-4752
Powell Bighorn Animal Care Center 754-4192
Heart Mountain Animal Health 754-9393
Powell Veterinary Services 754-3034
  Donald Tolman 645-3176


Ranchester Bovine Business 655-9395
Rawlins Carbon County Veterinary Hospital 324-5635
Hones Veterinary Services 324-9999
Riverton All Creatures Veterinary Service 856-3298
G Bar G Vet Service 857-1996
North Federal Animal Care Center 856-9669
The Stock Doc 856-7764
Michael Ruby 856-2396
Rock Springs Desert View Animal Hospital 362-3184
  Mountainire Veterinary Service 382-6698
Rozet Lyle Wyninger 680-1690


Saratoga William Hill, DVM 326-5661
Great Divide Beef Management 326-5546
Lilley Veterinary Services 326-3666
Sheridan John Wilson 683-2793
Animal Health Supply 674-9250
Bischoff Veterinary Services 674-4500
Gage Veterinary Services 752-8432
  Mountain View Veterinary  Hospital 674-4111
  Moxey Schreiber Veterinary Hospital 672-5533
  Moxey Veterinary hospital, PC 672-5668
Sheridan Equine Hospital 674-8387
The Country Hospital for Animals 674-7133
WVSS 752-0204
Shoshoni Fremont Veterinary Hospital 856-0550
Wyoming Assistant State Vet. 857-4140
Sundance Crook County Veterinary Services 283-2115


Thayne J. Paul Jensen 883-0993
Western Wyoming Veterinary Assoc. 883-4758
Thermopolis Katrin Kolder 867-2600
Hot Springs Veterinary Clinic 864-5553
Tie Siding Lynn Woodward, DVM 742-6032
Torrington Richard L. Johnson 532-3135
Susan Walker 532-8279
  Booth Veterinary Services 532-5830
Eastern Wyoming College 532-8267
Goshen Veterinary Clinic 532-4195


Veteran Byron Yeik 837-2566


Wheatland George Faris 322-9591
Herman Schroeder 322-2929
Julie Kreeger 322-4576
Hunter Cattle Company, LLC 322-3640
Laramie peak Veterinary Assoc. 322-3640
Kenneth Moore, DVM 322-1759
Wilson Michael Dennis, DVM 7353-5719
Worland Asay Animal Health 347-2794
  Cloud Peak Veterinary Services 347-2781
  Tharp Veterinary Clinic 347-9308