Exhibitor FAQ

Exhibitor FAQ

How many attendees are there? Typically, there are ~100 veterinarians.

How much does a booth cost? Fees are subject to change each year, but view the 2019 information for a general idea of fees and what’s included19 WVMA Exhibitor Invitation-Registration

When should I reserve my booth? Exhibitor registration opens in late February 2020. Spots are limited and in high demand! We encourage interested companies to reserve a booth as soon as possible.

How many exhibitors attend the meeting? About 15 companies, view the 2019 exhibitors: 2019 WVMA Exhibitors.

Are booths still available? If registration is open, booths are still available. Registration will close when they are all reserved.

Who do I contact with additional questions? Please send an email to info@wyvma.org.